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A talk with Gaël Corboz

I’ve made a quick interview with Gaël Corboz. In this blog post, we’ll discover who he is and how does he sees web3 in the future. 🤔

No 3D, a photograph by Gaël Corboz

Who are you? Where do you come from? What do you do in life?

My name is Gaël Corboz, I'm 30 years old. I'm swiss, I do live in Switzerland in the french part of the country. Actually I'm a 3D motion designer and a photographer, and I'm doing NFTs as a full time job.

Great! Do you remember how you started? Has it always been a vocation?

I started studying photography when I was around 20, before I was doing a job that didn't interested me at all: I was working in an office doing boring tasks. So I did a diploma in photography and then I did a bachelor in visual communication and I started doing 3D renders and videos. I never had so much fun doing this.

Well I'd say yes when I was young I really enjoyed drawing so it was a sort of the gateway to an artistic practice. It's interesting because at the age of 16-19 I wanted to avoid my artistic hobby to find a normie job and fit more in the society. But I realised quickly this type of lifestyle wasn't really for me. I choose risk and passion over safety. From my experience being an artist is way more exciting in every aspect of my life.

Interesting! Glad to know you’re enjoying what you do now!
You talk about risk and passion over safety, so as a full-time NFT artist, how do you see things in the future? What is web3 for you?

Well in my opinion NFT are the perfect combination with the technology and art. As a tech lover and artist, NFTs are perfect for me. I realized with the Internet your art can have more market value than in the traditional world and I found this pretty exciting.

Before NFTs every artists got some hard time to sell their creations and being visible. Galleries take delusional cut to 50% split which is totally unfair for the artists. NFTs provide a royalties for artists in the secondary market. Theses are the few reason why I started doing NFTs, and I did this too because I love innovation and the community is very friendly and fun.

Actually NFTs are still a niche market, but its starting to get slowly mainstream, I wouldn't be surprised that in a few years that even our grandparents know what the NFT market is.

I remember starting NFTs in early 2021, and the market had a bad reputation about environmental issue. I know a lot of artists who struggle to make their art for a living and prefer to not jump into NFTs just because of its reputation. But now things have changed, Facebook switched name to META (subtitute to Metaverse) so think in mind that now 1.9 B people are using a platform that is into NFTs,crypto and web3. So people are now slowly accepting NFTs by their daily usage voluntarily or not. We just have to keep in mind the impact when IG will turn into NFT, this will be huge. Instagram is about to deploy NFTs and crypto payment, it may be an interesting thing to counter the monopoly of OpenSea and LooksRare. Twitter is about to doing cryptopayment soon too.

We can compare this to the early Internet era no one wanted to be the first but no one want be the last. Interesting point is that early tech pioneer are now very successful today. And so is for the Web3 community. Web3 is in my opinion the evolution of the Internet, its sort of existed years ago with the deep web with THOR protocol, we can consider the deep web may be the alpha version of the web3. I'm pretty optimistic about decentralized web services like ENS and crypto wallet integration on the Internet.

I totally agree, the fact that web3 will step by step become more mainstream is an open door to many possibilities in my opinion. Do you have a song which comes to your mind when you think about your NFT journey?

I'd choose Martyn - We Are You in the Future, a dub-house track which is very intense and long!

Thank you for this discovery!
Are you rather a morning or evening person?

I'm more an evening person I can't escape this even with the best discipline ever I'll be more productive and creative at the evening.

Welcome to the club! What is a working day routine for Gaël?

I wake up around 9-10 am, booting up my pc, checking e-mail, (I'm working with a Parisian gallery who do NFT I have to send them some videos and edits.) during the day I check the whole NFT market, the news, cryptos etc and the cool stuff to invest, doing some chat in different discord. Taking some lunch at 12pm. After that I'm going for a walk outside listening to some music and doing some short meditation in nature can be in the afternoon or in the evening. So its not very stressfull actually. I have a big project upcoming in July with an NFTs company, so it may be different!

Sounds like a cool working day indeed!
I imagine that like me, sometimes you're lazy to cook. What is the dish that you LOOOVE to order?

I'm pretty lazy to cook, I do this when I'm motivated ahah. I love ordering Asian food, specifically Thai food with noodles and chicken!

Good taste bro! Finally, I have to ask you a question that is close to my heart:
Are you for or against socks and slides?

I'm totally for ahaha!

I couldn't expect better from you! 😂 Thank you for your time. It was a real pleasure to discover more about you mate!

You can find Gaël Corboz work clicking here.
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