I was intrigued by blockchain technology in March 2021, looking at its economic and creative aspects. What could it bring me?


The possibility to sell my creations in an accessible way appealed to me right away.

I met a lot of people in the Foundation.app's discord server with whom I'm still in contact today and who helped me a lot.

Today, I can say that this journey helped me financially and made me grow humanly.

Dear daily routine, Tom Perrichon

The artistic direction of my artworks remains the same for the majority, and it's in this minimalist style that I like to explore new things.

Free Will, Tom Perrichon

Social Distancing, Tom Perrichon


Support your friends, Tom Perrichon

Unnecessary, Tom Perrichon


Shit, listed wirh a typo, Tom Perrichon

Right click: Delete, Tom Perrichon


This is a rare artwork, Tom Perrichon